To Change the Country, we have to be different​

To do something different, to be different and to be the difference, we have to be different and take a strategic approach. If you are looking to provide solutions and accountability

Our Story

Necessary Movement

Movement for Millions

A story of a youth movement formed to make us proactive and sensitive to the things that happen to other people and not just ourselves. Its essence is to make us love and appreciate ourselves, to make us others love and appreciate themselves by spreading kindness and compassion, to make us fight  for what we should really be fighting for

And to make us understand that our actions have consequences, not just on us but on larger society.

The era of fighting on the basis of ethnic and religious lines is over. Nothing gets done that way.

We have slumbered for too long

We, the youth have slumbered for too long. We have allowed our country to be ruled by those seeking anarchy and disorder. HDY is here to cope with social, mental and physical problems the youths are facing.

The Team

Our creative team

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